Apr 042013

Given that trade can be long and boring, if you do it manually, and if you live in a time zone away from the busiest times, there are other ways you can trade Forex.

One way is that you can join an expert Advisor (EA) or a forex robot, Forex trading platform that can place trades for you while you sleep.

An expert advisor Forex is actually a robot (hence the word ‘ forex robots ‘ or a piece of code in which you install the trading software, then you can place trades for you.)

All my forex robots are versatile MT4 expert advisors that can be adjusted in a variety of ways to place trades automatically for you.

EA place trades in its account of Forex MetaTrader 4 (MT4) if the rider is an agent of the bureau to treat, ECN, STP, 4 or 5 digits broker digits.

Sign up with a broker after having a good understanding of the Forex and money management concept.

You can practice operations in a demo that comes with the account of counterfeit currency. Alternatively, you can configure one of my EA on a demo account.

When you are ready to direct trader must deposit money into your account details which will appear on your trading platform and can be used to make live trades. The amount you can deposit varies from driver to driver.

Choose a currency pair or pairs for exchanges (e.g. EURUSD). (All my commercial consultants several pairs of currencies, but it is preferable to use only one or a few currency pairs spread down if you have a small deposit $ 500 or $ 1000 etc.).

If you want to operate by hand is a matter of learning when click to purchase or …

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