Dec 112012

iRobot Roomba review. The robot vacuum cleaner review. This is the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner hype? Is the Roomba cleaning good or bad? GoVacuum examines the Roomba. The spirit of the 21st century is obsessed with automating almost every aspect of daily life. Ideally, technology can help automate aspects of life that are not necessarily fun. Vacuuming can be a laborious process and that is why, for many, a robot vacuum cleaner seems to be a must have in modern homes. The question remains, however, “this robot vacuum cleaner really works?” In this video, GoVacuum tests on an iRobot Roomba vacuum and explains all its advantages and limitations. Enjoy. For more information about iRobot Roomba / offers, visit: For more information on GoVacuum, visit: team GoVacuum
Video Rating: 4/5

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