DIY Portal Sentry Bot by Dr. Peter Wissenschaftler

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Oct 042012

DIY Sentry Bot Portal by Dr. Peter Wissenschaftler

this homemade, do-it-yourself household robot is programmed to terminate all humans that cross his path … but alas the power of its laser weapon is inadequate for this task, subjects them to sarcastic verbal abuse instead. it was a compilation speed, using the common elements that I found around the house, including a DVD spindle, a coffee can lid and some paper clips. Of course, it also contains several hundred dollars of electronic equipment … which also happens to be lying around the house, uh, uh, “laboratory”. phrases are stored on a flash EEPROM with the firmware that I wrote in C Arduino Nano Arduino sends pulse width modulated position control information to the Parallax standard servo, causing the body of the robot to turn around. Maxbotix the EZ-LV4 ultrasonic rangefinder continuously the range of objectives, and the data are entered into a table of dimension 1, which is then compared with the data received on the return sweep to monitor movement. when it detects motion, servo sweeping stops while the host controller sends a 2400 baud serial Emic TTS chip, which includes an audio amplifier board. the audio output from this goes directly into the speaker 8 ohms. laser and LED modulator are separated from the main beam circuit, and run completely independently. In fact, I made this thing an airsoft gun I bought at a swap meet. it could definitely use some tweaking, because I hastily constructed like a Halloween party and did not