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If someone on your Christmas list, just bought a new house and you try to come up with gift ideas that will provoke a ‘wow’ reaction, this article will hopefully give you wake up a few suggestions for your interest. These items are unusual, practical, and they are all pretty cool. So if scented candles, themed gift baskets, and monogrammed towel sets just are not your thing, read on for some gift ideas that are useful, with a twist.

purchasing a complete home security system for someone an extravagant gift, and one that is fraught with difficulties in its execution. However, if you want a little peace of mind that your friend is safe in her new home, there are other options.

For example, if your friend is a gardener who will illuminate Solar come in handy when the eerie cover of dusk creeps in. Solar Shed Lights can deliver almost 3 hours of light per charge, and run on batteries, which are powered by solar energy. These lights are very affordable, and a great gift for someone who needs to tinker in their shed after dark, but is too shy to do so.

For the easily frightened at night inside the house can also be scary not to mention dangerous. If you turned on any night sky, you can easily trip on something and get hurt. Often, however, there are no plug-ins right where you need them, so it is with a huge sigh of relief that we introduce the Portable Motion Detecting Dusk-to-Dawn LED Blue Night Light. This light is battery operated and can stand on its own, which means that one in every area of ??the house you move. It uses motion detection technology, so it does not waste battery, and it has a special photocell that turns only at night makes. This fantastic blue light is extremely lightweight and features a flexible neck so you can position it where you need it. For under $ 30, this light makes a great gift.

Does your friend like to travel? While away from home, it’s a good idea to make it seem like someone at home to deter burglars. Light timers are a good option if you can not afford to hire a house sitter, but as the lights at the same time each evening to catch criminals attentive. When they find out that no one at home, they feel much safer to break in. timer work well to deter thieves, but if you help your friend want to be even safer, you might want to cool it this safety feature makes faking a much better job, as a timer. the FakeTV burglar deterrent device

The FakeTV burglar deterrent device simulates the flickering light and color changes that make regular TV and can adjust them to be in twilight and 4 hours, or dusk plus 7 hours. At the prescribed time, it will automatically shut down, giving the impression that the occupants have gone to sleep. FakeTV has a light sensor, so that they can tell when it’s dark, and there is much less power than current televisions. Perfect for travelers and for people who do not want others to know that they are at home alone, the FakeTV burglar deterrent device is an inexpensive and easy way to protect a home. Called

A somewhat eccentric security system M30P Magic Mirror. Up to your existing security system Hooked, the Magic Mirror appears to be a regular mirror, but in reality it is an LCD screen with a CGI character named Basil. The ominous-looking Basil appears as just a head floating in front of a cloudy background. Basil appears only when its sensors detect that there is movement inside or outside of the house (depending on which areas of your home can be monitored). Basil is repeated in the preset location recordings and report information in real time. The M30P Magic Mirror, you can give a gift that is both useful and cheesy in a to-die-for gift.

If the new homeowners in the world have beefed-up security, but he or she has trouble with her yard and home economics, you may consider hiring a maid, but why do it when you get cool gadgets instead can? Are

vacuuming robots have been around for a few years, but today’s models are much smarter than they are used. You can detect obstacles (like your cat), and they automatically return to its docking station to recharge after use.

The newest addition to the realm of domestic robot technology, the Auto Mower, a solar-powered robotic lawn mower. Somewhat reminiscent of the Batmobile, the Auto Mower. Technologically advanced and perfect for those who are not (or not) with a traditional lawn mower When the batteries get low, it derives its docking station for charging and then promptly goes back out to finish the job. If you are nervous about the Auto Mower are thief bait, have no fear. The Auto Mower requires a PIN number to activate and confuse even an alarm system if unauthorized users attempt it sounds. Pets, children and potted plants are safe around the Auto Mower, because if it. Brushes against something, jump backwards and does in a different direction

In the winter months there is no activity back pain is producing as shoveling snow. Luckily, there are now Heated Traction Mats that can melt up to 2 inches of snow per hour. Straight line the mat along your driveway or sidewalk, plug it into a standard 120 volt outlet, sit back and watch you melt snow and ice! These mats are available in various sizes can be left out all winter long and are made of non-slip rubber. If it would love a gift each new homeowner outside of LA, it’s the heated Traction Mat

Homeowners For gifts that are even more unusual and very extravagant, check out the continuation of this article, “Extraordinary Gifts for the New . “

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